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Our design service packages can provide a valuable solution for businesses looking to create engaging, visually appealing content for a variety of purposes, including marketing, education, and entertainment.

Distud Degin Service Packages 

Distud Animation Service Packages 

Animation Video packages!

Whiteboard Video

Hand drawn illlustration, to highlight key points, create visual metaphors, or add a touch of humor to the video. Whiteboard videos have a simple, minimalist design that focuses on the content and message of the video. Most economic solution for our customer’s needs to convey complex ideas or emotions in a simple and engaging way. 

Explainer Video

Visual style and design approach sets the explainer video apart from the whiteboard video. We use a variety of visual styles such as animation, live-action footage, or motion graphics to convey the message more professionally. Explainer video are customer engaging as it narrates the story rather lively. 

Premium Video

Unique solution to your need! Premium video package is perfect if you are looking for a fully customized animation video that fits the the corporate identity. Perfect as a commercial animated video for start-ups, scale-ups and corporate companies who are striving to bring their unique identitiy in all stage of communication towards either internal or external stakeholders. 

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